Truck Axles

Among the maintenance of gearboxes we sell used axles as well as checked up differentials of axles for trucks, buses and other utility vehicles. We offer a row of exchange gearboxes and exchange differentials, which are permanantly and immediately shippable. In the following tables you will find a choice of our most popular axles. If you do not find your favored part you can query us with our webformular or by sending an e-Mail.

MAN axles

H9-1380diverseMAN AP-Hinterachse 10to Antriebsachse
HD9-1380diverseMAN AP-Hinterachse 10to Durchtriebsachse
H9-13120diverseMAN AP-Hinterachse 13to Antriebsachse
HD9-13120diverseMAN AP-Hinterachse 13to Durchtriebsachse
HY-0720-00 diverseMAN
HY-1175 diverseMAN
HOY-1175diverseMAN Bus
HY-13110 diverseMAN F90 F2000
HY-1350diverseMAN TGA

Mercdes Benz axles

HL 7 / 10todiverseMercedes AP-Hinterachse 10to Antriebsachse
HD 7 / 10todiverseMercedes AP-Hinterachse 10to Durchtriebsachse
HL 7 / 13todiverseMercedes AP-Hinterachse 13to Antriebsachse
HD 7 / 13todiverseMercedes AP-Hinterachse 13to Durchtriebsachse
HL 2diverse508 608 809 814
HL 2 /30/31/43/44/46/47diverseAtego
HL 4diverseSK
HL 4 /40diverseAtego
HL 6diverseActros Axor
HL 8diverseActros

Iveco axles

E 125diverseEurocargo
E 153diverseEurocargo Eurotech Turbostar
E 160diverseEurotech
E 177diverseCursor Stralis
E 180diverseEurotech TurbostarD

Scania axles

R 750 diverse112 113
R 770 diverse112 113 142 143
R 780 diverse113 143 114 124 144 164

Volvo axles

EV 90diverseF10 F12
EV 91diverseF10 F12 FH12
RS 1344diverseFH12 FM12

DAF axles

1346diverseF85 F95
1347 diverseCF85 XF95

Renault axles

P 1370diversePremium Magnum